Translators Associations Europe: ANIOS

For the recognition of the professional status of Italian Sign Language Interpreters

Translators Associations Europe: ANIOSThe Association of Italian Sign Language Interpreters (shortened in Italian to ANIOS) was established in 17 June 1987. It is a non-profit and non-political organization that represents all interpreters working with at least the following languages: Italian and Italian Sign Language.

This translators association has its headquarters is in Rome but is organized into regional councils that respond to a Central Executive Committee.

Its propose are to represent and protect the professional interests of its members; ensure professional standards of quality; provide educational, linguistic and scientific guidance; promote training, retraining and information on Italian Sign Language interpreting; collaborate with national and international organizations that pursue the same goals and with the national and international associations of the deaf; promote study, research, national and international conferences on Italian Sign Language other sign languages; and protect its members copyrights.

To become a member, one must have a professional diploma, certificate or degree with his r her name on it as an Italian Sign Language legally recognized interpreter – that means having passed the test of professional competence for admission provided by this translator association.

The members are required to pay an annual membership fee until the 31st of March each year.

All members of this translation association are required to comply with the provisions of ANIOS statute, its internal regulations and code of professional ethics.

How to join

To apply for admission in this translators association, you would have to take the test of professional competence and send it ANIOS headquarters in Via Nomentana, 56, 00161 Rome, along with the some important documents.

Pay attention because the list is extensive. The documents accompanying the application to be sent are a copy of your diploma or degree, together with a copy of a college diploma of a second degree (five years); documented curriculum of at least two years of professional activity; citizenship and residence documents; clearance – only for interpreters that have graduated less than two years ago –; proof that you’ve paid € 20 for the registration; a motivation letter; and two videos where ANIOS can assess your Italian Sign Language Interpreting skills.

Once you’re admitted on trial, you’ll have to pay € 58 for the test. The actual proof of professional competence is divided into three stages: an oral test of interpretation from Italian Sign Language to Italian; an oral test of interpretation from Italian to Italian Sign Language; and A discussion on ethical aspects of the profession.

If you need additional information about this translators association, contact ANIOS using the following email address:

You can also check out this translation association on Facebook or ANIOS discussion forum.

Keep in mind that Italian is the official language in Italy, a country with around 60 million people.

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