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Translators Associations Europe: AAE-ESITThe French translators association AAE-ESIT, the Alumni Association of the Interpreters and Translators College (Associations des anciens élèves de l'École supérieure d'interprètes et de traducteurs) is a non-profit organisation with approximately 900 members, all of them translation and interpreting professionals. Between them, they work in more than 40 language combinations, including French sign language.

All of the members of this translation association have taken a professional Masters degree at the Interpreters and Translators College (University of Paris III), which “carries a considerably high reputation in the whole world for the quality of its teaching”.

AAE-ESIT is composed of bother independent freelance professionals and people who work for translation companies or translation agencies. The Paris-based organisation is happy to put in touch – free of charge – employers and everyone interested in hiring the services of a translator or an interpreter with its members.

Through its quarterly bulletin, as well as the online directory, the discussion forum and the events it organises, this translators association treasures every possible contact and exchange of opinions and information made between ESIT’s alumni, translation companies and other professionals of interpretation and translation.

In addition, AAE-ESIT is committed to make contact with other professional translation associations, in order to promote meditation about the issues concerning translation and interpreting and its acknowledgement by the general public.

The French organisation is happy to provide more information on the profession, such as the language combinations it works with, the subjects in which its members are specialised, sworn translators, the sorts of documents its members translate and the nature of interpretation’s work.

The online directory created by AAE-ESIT allows its members to update their information whenever they need or desire to do so. As you modify the information displayed on your profile, you must not expect it to show up immediately as it must be approved by the Directory Commission. You should bear in mind that there might be information you would like to display and other to which you would like to restrict the access.

At the moment, the translators association’s database allows visitors to search according to region and status (working for a translation agency, freelancer, retired). The data concerning status is usually requested at the time of the admission. However, if you wish to change it, you may do so on your profile.

As a member, if you log in to the association’s website, you will have access to a whole set of features, including employment opportunities, a chance to actively participate in the discussion forum, as well as the possibility to access the RSS information flux, which allows you to be instantly updated every time there are new posts.

Furthermore, the French translation association offers you the possibility to receive email alerts every time there is a new employment offer on the website. AAE-ESIT reminds that in order to benefit from this service, you must sign up for it. You may even choose between the offers that interest you and the ones which do not, in order to filter the information you receive.

As you become a member of AAE-ESIT, you will benefit from receiving a welcome guide, which comprises information about the association’s activities, as well as several files that will help you in the exercise of the profession.

The more experienced members of the translators association are eager to help newcomers, sharing their experience and knowledge on the field with those who are yet at the beginning of their professional lives.

To apply for membership, all you have to do is print and fill-in the application form available online. After doing it, you must send it to the association’s address, accompanied by a cheque to pay your fees. Payment of fees is also available online.

Keep in mind that French is a Romance language spoken as a first language in France, the Romandy region in Switzerland, Wallonia and Brussels in Belgium, Monaco, the province of Quebec and the Acadia region in Canada, and by various communities elsewhere. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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