Translators associations Europe: Stichting Vertalersforum

From regional contact point to vital professional organization

Translators associations Europe: Stichting VertalersforumThe Foundation Translator Forum (Stichting Vertalersforum in Dutch) is a translators association that only has women as members – currently 67. It was founded in 1991 by a group of women translators and began by being a regional contact point for translators from the east of the Netherlands.

Quickly, this unique translators association based in Eemnes grew into a vital organization of professional interpreters and translators from all parts of the country.

The Foundation Translator Forum provides a forum for professional translators and interpreters, whether they are fresh graduates or experienced people.

This organization that rests entirely on the voluntary and enthusiastic efforts of its members promotes peer contacts and exchange of knowledge and experience between professional translators.

What makes this association unique and distinguishes it from other organizations is the active contribution of its member translators. They are expected to share their knowledge and work experiences with colleagues. This is the motto of this translators association.

In the language groups, the pillars of the forum, members exchange facts about the language in which they specialize, scrutinize terminology issues and discuss activities in the context of lifelong learning.

In addition there are regular guest speakers invited that provide useful information, such as the handling of terms, pension and insurance issues.

For you to be admitted into this association, you would have to meet one of the following two criteria: to have training (completed and relevant) or experience (relevant and demonstrable).

Once you’re a member you’ll be able to attend the meetings that take place in Arnhem Hotel Belvoir, on the third Tuesday of odd months, with the exception of July.

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Keep in mind that Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, a country with around 16 million people.

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