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Full-time translators and interpreters only

Translators association Europe: SAPTThe Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters (Slovenská asociácia prekladatelov a tlmocníkov or SAPT) is an exclusive organization for translators and interpreters based in Bratislava and whose mission is to advocate for a high level of translation and interpreting services and to further the application of standards in the provision of those services.

SAPT is a guild of professionals that does not associate persons who translate and/or interpret on a part-time or occasional basis.

If you’re considering registering with this translators association, know what membership benefits are waiting for you. Members can contact with colleagues from all over Slovakia; are entitled to professional representation of their interests; can access to glossary databases and private discussion forums; have the option of creating a personal website; receive information on current topics relevant to the profession; are granted with continuing education opportunities; and can use the logo of this translators association in their official communications with clients.

If on one hand you would have all of this perks, on the other hand here are some of the membership requirements. Members are required to be providers of translation and/or interpreting services, based on at least one of the following: trade license, entry in the commercial register, or accreditation as a conference interpreter for international institutions.

Plus: they have to confirm their recommendation by two regular members of SAPT. If you don't know any SAPT member, contact
Members also have to agree with SAPT's by-laws, code of ethics and standard terms of provision for translation and interpreting services.

SAPT welcomes individuals but also organizations. These are also required to have translation or interpreting services listed as a sphere of business in their entry in the commercial register. Additionally, its partners/shareholders must be active translators or interpreters.

On the website of this translation association, you can as a customer find a translator or an interpreter, a discussion forum and some tips and advice on how to achieve your goals. SAPT has
selected a few pieces of advice to help you improve the efficiency of your project partnerships.

Keep in mind that Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, where it is spoken by 5 million people. There are also Slovak speakers in emigrant communities in the United States, the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe.

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