Germany's largest association of professional linguists

BDÜ is Germany's largest translators associationThe Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Ubersetzer or BDÜ) is Germany's largest association representing professional linguists. 

With more than 7.000 members and regional offices throughout Germany, this translators association represents 75% of all professionally organized translators and interpreters in Germany.

Being a member of the BDÜ is synonyms of having quality. We can say that because all potential members of this interpreters and translators association have to present evidence of their professional qualifications before they can join the association.

This makes clients feel safer and enhances the professional standing of BDÜ members.

Whether you are a freelance interpreter, a staff translator or a student of translation and/or interpreting, BDÜ has a wide range of services that might come in handy. In addition to thar, it lobbies as Germany’s largest professional association in the language industry.

The association also provides group insurance contracts offering its members very favourable terms for many types of insurance.

Once you've joined BDÜ, you will be able to attend the association's professional development events at particularly favourable rates – check-out their seminars on BDÜ's website; marketing, translation in specialized fields and translation memory systems are some of the topcis – and will be set to automatically receive MDÜ, Germany’s most widely circulated professional journal for interpreters and translators. This journal, published by BDÜ, is sent to all members free of charge.

Germany, where BDÜ operates, is the European Union's country with the largest population and one of the strongest economies of the Euro, with companies that have an excellent international reputation, with a rich history and with a vibrant cultural life – there are 300 theaters, 130 professional orchestras, 630 art museums, 350 daily newspapers and thousands of magazines, just to name a few numbers.

Keep in mind that in Germany alone there are 82 million people who speak German.

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