Translators Associations Europe: ATR

High quality standards for Romanian translators

Translators Associations Europe: ATRThe Association of Translators of Romania (Asociatia Traducatorilor din România, ATR) makes a point at saying it “imposes high quality standards of services in linguistic field”.

The Romanian translators association, seeded in Cluj, makes use of strong vocabulary to show its commitment towards quality and rigour. It has established a code of conduct, which is supposed to guide translators who seek to contribute to “raising the prestige of professional translators and interpreters in Romania”.

This translation association from the country of the Carpathians was established a series of values it wishes to follow with great commitment. It is the ATR’s aim to make a valuable contribution to the acknowledgement of the profession, through “high quality translation, interpreting and terminology services”. For that, it is intended to make use of the “best practices of professional conduct”.

Other than that, the Association of Translators of Romania wishes to defend the rights as well as the interests of translation, interpretation and terminology professionals. It also treasures the continuous training and learning, as well as an easy access to information on the evolution of the above-mentioned professions.

It is in the mind of the people in charge of the ATR to establish partnerships and collaborations with public authorities but also with companies and other businesses, in order to promote both the rights and the interests of translators, interpreters and terminologists.

As a mission, the Romanian translation association has chosen to “promote and represent at home and abroad, translators, interpreters and terminologists of Romania, defending their rights and interests, and promoting a standard of high-quality professional linguistic services”.

Keep in mind that Romania’s official language is called Romanian (or Daco-Romanian). It is a Romance language spoken by approximately 24 to 28 million people, mostly in Romania and Moldova. It also has official status in the Republic of Moldova, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Serbia and in the autonomous Mount Athos in Greece. In the Republic of Moldova, the language is officially called Moldovan, although it is the same idiom.

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