Translators Associations Europe: Īle-de-France (France)

Īle-de-France: Translators Associations from the region of Rodin and Malraux

translation associations europeÎle-de-France, literally “Island of France”, is the wealthiest and most populated of the twenty-seven administrative regions of France. It consists mostly of the Paris metropolitan area. In fact, Île-de-France is popularly referred to by French people as the région Parisienne (the "Paris region") or RP. Economically, it is the world's fourth-largest and Europe's wealthiest and largest regional economy. Paris has been recognised as the world’s capital of fashion, and also as one of the most beautiful cities worldwide. The population of Île-de-France is of around 11 million people.

Lexis estimates there are at least 2 regional translators associations in Île-de-France.

One of the most important interpreting and translation associations in the region is CETIECAP, which stands for translators and interpreters working in the court of appeal of Paris. Another Paris translators association is the one that brings together former students of translation from ESIT, AAE-ESIT.

Île-de-France is a French region. There is more to know about regional and national translators associations in France.

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