Translators Association Europe: ASETRAD

In Spain translators and interpreters have an association to defend them since 2003

Spain has a translators association that also defends copy-editors and interpreters since 2003The Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters (shortened in Spanish to ASETRAD) exists since 2003. Its goal is to promote recognition and to protect the interests of those who practice these professions.

This translators association has helped to establish a professional community in the Spanish language services sector. How? By promoting specialization among its members and the use of ethical and professional best practices.

ASETRAD defends the cooperation with other associations and international networks. As a member of the International Federation of Translators, the association wouldn’t have it any other way.

Various specialties

This is an open and inclusive association. That being said, know that ASETRAD’s members work in a wide variety of language specialties: general, financial, technical, scientific, literary, advertising, legal and sworn translation; localization, dubbing and subtitling, copy-editing, copy-writing, and simultaneous, consecutive or liaison interpreting.

Do any of these specialties ring a bell? Are you looking to hire a certain professional and don’t know where to begin your search?

Use the search box on ASETRAD’s website to find the professional who best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can send the association details of your recruitment vacancy and they will publish it free of charge in their Job Opportunities service for professional members.

Be sure to send details like type of work needed, job requirements, languages and deadline. The email address for these matters is


If you work in the translation, copy-editing or interpreting sector, you will like to know this translation association provides its members with services such as training activities, a legal advice forum, a mailing list they can use to contact each other and exchange information, job listings, publications like El Cuaderno de Bitácora or La Linterna del Traductor and surveys on the current state of the sector.

Information, cooperation with professional networks and continuing professional development are now vital for keeping abreast of the market and not having to face the challenges of the profession alone.

If you would like to join ASETRAD, go to their website and fill in a form and then send it to the email we mentioned above.

Keep in mind that Spanish is spoken not only in Spain, that has 39,4 million inhabitants, but also in populous countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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