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Translators Associations Europe: LinQuaThe Swiss Association of Quality Translation Services (Schweizerischer Verband der Qualitäts-Sprachendienste, LinQua) was founded in March 2009. It is the trade association for translation companies and language services providers in Switzerland.

The name of the Swiss translators association derives from the Latin. “Lingua”, meaning language, and “Qualitas”, which means quality. The goal of this very young organization is “to promote the quality of language services within the Swiss territory.

Since its formation, LinQuahas been a member of EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. The Swiss translation association’s sister organisation, QSD (Quality Services Association) was a founding member of LinQua, having its president been one of the guests at the inaugural meeting, on the 26th November 2009.

According to the people in charge of this Swiss organisation, “LinQua wants to be the national and international trademark for Swiss quality in language and translation services”. In relation to this, LinQua has been a very active participant in the development and furthering of the European Quality Standard EN15038, helping it breakthrough in Switzerland. Furthermore, LinQua provides its members with support concerning the certification. The quality standard is regarded, throughout Europe, as a seal of quality. In Switzerland, LinQua helps its members to be certified by recognised testing experts. As a member, you must agree to certify your business. You may also benefit from a special preparation for the audit made by LinQua’s experts.

As a matter of fact, LinQua wants to represent its country’s quality language services both at home and abroad, with commitment and effort, to develop a strong international network with its partners, both regional and national translators associations.

The building of a strong network, with some of Switzerland’s finest language and translation agencies is another goal of this recent translators association. LinQua wants to strengthen its competitiveness – consequently, it strengthens its partners’ competitiveness as well – and to remain at the forefront in terms of language technology and development of scientific translation. Moreover, LinQua chases the objective of creating a centre for Switzerland’s language industry.

Members of LinQua must meet the association’s strict criteria. If you join in, you agree to certify, amongst other things, that your business is according to guidelines given by the European Quality Standard for voice services. In return, all members receive the appropriate labels, certifying the quality of their services.

According to the translation association, “LinQua is well connected internationally”. This advantage is generously shared with its members. The organisation’s influence and strong connections in Europe allows members to benefit from knowledge exchange and provide them with an organic tool to meet partners for multilingual projects.

LinQua has established an advisory board. This is a means to facilitate the access to expertise. The board is formed by scientists, engineers and architects of the language industry. It gives a very significant contribution in the organisation of internal events, training opportunities and exchange of expertise, as it sets up the centre of Switzerland’s language industry. As a member of LinQua, you have easier access to these experts. Furthermore, it provides you with discounts and priority on their training and educational opportunities.

There is a special concern, within LinQua, with the welfare of its members. The will to represent them in a dignified way applies both to home concerns and international issues. The organisation is “the voice of its members” and it gives them a chance to be heard “in business and politics”. As a member of LinQua it is you who determines the policy of the association. You are allowed – and advised – to address the concerns of your translation company, yourself and your colleagues. The existence of a Public Relations group within the translation association reinforces the perception of how important language services are.

For LinQua, a language services provider must meet certain requirements in order to be a part of the family. The association’s standards for the highest professionalism and quality so demand. As a member, you must reinforce your commitment to quality and set out clearly from the competition. LinQua members are allowed to use not only the association’s quality label, but also the EUATC’s label, which leaves no doubts about their pursuit.

The building of a competence centre for speech, by LinQua, offers continuing education opportunities, primarily aimed at the translators association’s members. With the help of the advisory board, the organisation is putting together a centre for excellence, developed in close cooperation with colleges. It offers customised hands-on training seminars, exclusive workshops with great deals for members.

Keep in mind that Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. However, only the first three are considered official by the Federal Administration of the Swiss Confederation. About 64% of the population speaks German, 20% speak French and 6.5% use Italian as their language. Switzerland’s population is approximately 8 million people.

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