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Literary translation in Croatia

Translarors Associations Europe: DHKPThe Croatian Literary Translators' Association (shortened in Croatian to DHKP) was established in 1953 in Zagreb.

In 1994, the DHKP was admitted into the European Council of Literary Translators Association (Conseil Européen des Associations des Traducteurs Littéraires or CEATL).

Its main objectives are to realize and coordinate common interests and the rights of literary translators and to work on raising the level of Croatian translation and culture.

Bearing these goals in mind, DHKP organizes thematic meetings, workshops and public forums. This translators association also participates in cultural projects related to literature and culture.

If you're an interpreter and would like to become a regular member of this translation association submit a written application with biographical and bibliographical information and attach at least one published translation of culturally relevant literature.

Regular members of the DHKP who wish to devote exclusively to professional translating and become members of the umbrella association of Croatian independent artists (Croatian Freelance Artists) as well can get a written recommendation from this translators association.

DHKP awards annually the best literary translation and also gives out a lifetime achievement award.

Can become members of this translation association all translators of Croatian literature and those who have published translations of literary and cultural value – both national citizens and foreigners.

Membership in the DHKP can be regular and honorary – honorary membership is reserved to translators that have actively contributed to the promotion of literature, humanities and related disciplines, and foreign cultures, as well as the affirmation of Croatian literature and culture in other areas. Honorary members are exempt from paying membership fee.

Regular members get to participate in the DHKP daily life; elect and be elected to the governing body of the translators association; exercise their rights (stated on the association's statutes) and be regularly informed about this organization's activities and operations.

They are obliged to comply with the provisions of the DHKP's statute and other rules; actively participate in the association; respect the professional ethics and regularly pay their dues.

Keep in mind that Croatia’s official language is Croatian, a form of the Serbo-Croatian language, which is spoken mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries. Croatia has a little more than 4 million inhabitants.

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