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Meeting the need for networking and information exchange among the interpreters

Translators Associations Europe: VZGDÜThe Association of the Zurich Court Interpreters and Translators (Verband der Zürcher Gerichtsdolmetscher und –Übersetzer or VZGDÜ) was founded in March 2003 and has currently over 100 members.

This translators association is committed to defending the interests of its members with the Zurich authorities and other interested parties and acts as their representative.

By belonging to this translation association, interpreters and translators get to work closely with professional colleagues and meet the opportunity to interact with them.

The training of court interpreters and translators is a particular concern of this translators association that organizes courses led by experts on various areas of law, the practice of the court interpreting and terminology in databases.

As a public service association, VZGDÜ also gives support in matters such as working conditions and vocational and educational policy at the cantonal level.

To join this translation association, you need to download the an application form on VZGDÜ’s website, fill it out and send it to .

On the same website, you’ll find a news section, information about courses and guidelines that were developed by VZGDÜ and serve to facilitate the demanding work of judges and interpreters in the assessment of foreign language and to bring the accused to standardize the practice.

Keep in mind that in Switzerland, where there are around 7,6 million people, the official languages are Italian, Dutch and French.

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