Translators Associations Europe: APETI

One of the first translators associations of its kind in the world

Translators Associations Europe: APETIThe Spanish Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters (Asociación Profesional Española de Traductores e Intérpretes or APETI) was founded in 1954 and is one of the first translators associations of its kind in the world.

Based in Madrid, this is an institution with more than half a century of experience in promoting the highest standards of intellectual and ethical professional practice of translation and interpretation, and accreditation of its professionals.

A part from being one of the oldest worldwide, this translators association cover the four major areas in which translation is divided: Literary Translation, Technical Translation, Interpretation, and Sworn Interpreting.

The mission of APETI is to unite translators and interpreters; promote solidarity in the profession; and protect, restore and defend their moral and material rights as authors of intellectual work.

One of the current situations in the profession that this translators association feels should be addressed is the independent practice of translation. APETI thinks this has come to a critical situation that requires joint action and solidarity of all professionals.

Advocating for quality services

Translation plays a key role in the expansion and development of the global information society and its impact on all cultures and languages. However, the professional status of the translator does not reflect the huge social, economic and cultural impact of translation in the societies.

APETI believes this is due to the existence of powerful interests that have a strong intellectual and economic control over the production of translations using misinformation, intermediary business and technological interference. That’s why this translation association advocates de use of standards such as the EN15038, a quality standard developed especially for translation services aiming to consolidate business practices.

According to APETI, Translation Technique – in all its specialties, both in the field of the humanities as in science and technology – is the area that’s most affected by the lack of this kind of regulation.

Membership advantages

APETI promotes, creates and develops ways for translators and interpreters who meet certain income requirements to practice as independent practitioners and for them to fully develop their career.

Being a member of APETI means having prestige. It gives customers a guarantee that they can count on the highest intellectual and ethical standards and a level of education, training and experience equivalent to that required to exercise other professions called liberal or titled.

This goes for translators and interpreters.

APETI hands out clear and detailed guidelines to its members, as well as motivated recommendations on the remuneration or appropriate fees in each case. Legal advice, guidance on legal and tax obligations and conflict mediation are other perks of being a member of this translators association.

Anyone can apply for membership in APETI, regardless of his or her nationality and country of residence. Members must always act in accordance with the high intellectual and ethical standards contained in APETI’s Code of Ethics.

In addition to services available exclusively to members, APETI offers various services for the general public, sectors or groups, and public and private institutions that are relevant to the translation and interpretation fields or hold an interest in them.

Keep in mind Spanish is the official language of Spain, a country with 39,4 million inhabitants, but it also spoken in populous countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

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