Translators Associations Europe: Poland

Poland: Translators Associations in the country of Chopin and Joseph Conrad

translation association europePoland is famous for its very rich history, not always happy, but aiding to build a strong resisting character. Polish literature dates back to the 12th century. It includes many famous poets and writers such as Jan Kochanowski, Adam Mickiewicz and Joseph Conrad, who wrote in English. Poland’s population is of over 38 million inhabitants, which makes it the sixth most populated country in Europe. Poland is a unitary state comprised of 16 voivodeships.

Lexis estimates there are at least 3 national translators associations in Poland.

One of the most important and oldest interpreting and translation associations in the country is STP. Another Polish translators association is the one that concerns sworn and specialised translators, TEPIS. There is also the translators association that unites translation agencies, PSBT.

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