Translators Associations Europe: DSKP

Promoting Slovenian Literature and important foreign works in the country

Translators Associations Europe: DSKPThe Slovenian Association of Literary Translators (shortened in Slovenian to DSKP) was founded in 1953 in Ljubljana, the capital of this European country. It was conceived as a general translators association, but in time came the need to establish a second organization, the one called today Association of Scientific and Technical Translators, and this translators association was then renamed to Slovenian Association of Literary Translators .

DSKP aims to maintain a high level of translation work and discipline and enforce contact between translators and their pairing regarding the theoretical, historical, social and practical aspects of translation.

The objectives of this translation association are to organize literary discussion evenings, professional meetings, and lectures; promote an international exchange of Translation students; work with other cultural, educational and professional organizations and institutions in Slovenia and abroad; issue publications and cooperate with other publishers.

Its broader mission is to promote the translation of important literary and other works in the Slovenian language and Slovenian literature into foreign languages, as well as help developing the national culture and international relations.


This translation association has regular and honorary members. Regular membership is open to all interpreters/translators, regardless of their nationality. If you’re in this bunch you should send a application form filled out, a brief curriculum vitae, a bibliography of the translations you have published and indicate your work languages.

DSKP’s Management Board may ask you to send additional information or documentation and appoint a committee to assess your work.
Candidates get word of the outcome of their application no later than six months after the translation association has received their candidacy.

Members have the right to vote and be elected to the DSKP’s bodies; participate in the association’s work; receive professional help within the association; receive recognition and awards for their translations; be informed about club events and publications; and have library card.

It goes without saying that membership also comes with duties. Just memorize these: members have to honor a code of professional ethics; take into account the quality ot their translations and elevate the reputation of translators and translation; and, of course, pay a membership fee.

Honorary members are those who, regardless of their nationality, have enriched Slovenian culture with excellent translations of important foreign literary and scientific works or have made other countries get acquainted with Slovenian literature trough their successful translations.

Membership is one of the income sources of this association, but DSKP also organizes social events, publishes publications, earns a small share of copyright and receives voluntary contributions.

This translators association is a member of the European Council of Associations of Literary Translators.

Keep in mind that Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia, a country with 2 million inhabitants.

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