Translation Associations Europe: MFE

Protecting the interests of translation companies by all legal means

Translation Associations Europe: MFEThe Association of Hungarian Translation Companies (MFE) was founded in 1994 with these objectives in mind: be a trade and business federation of translation companies, raise the translation and interpreting activities to a higher level and increase public recognition.

Viewed under the microscope, the objectives of this translation association are: to encourage clients to request the services of translation companies; protect the interests of translation companies by all legal means; organize company cooperation; participate in the training activities;  provide information to companies, translators and interpreters about the latest trends and helpful techniques within the trade; distribute up-to-date translating methods; lobby for favorable and fair legislation in the sector; lay the grounds for and support high-quality translation services; promote the signing of liability insurance for services and contribute to the operation of the translation industry under the conditions of a free market.

The Association of Hungarian Translation Companies is a member of the European Union of Association of Translation Companies.

To have your company become a member of this translation association is to  guarantee your customers professional language services, a commercial conduct regulated by a professional code, the use of a quality control system and product liability.

The most significant work of this translators association was the development of the quality assurance system we were just telling you about. This work has started in 1997 by an ad hoc committee and continued in 1998 by three members of the directors. They tried to approximate their system for conformity with EU standards. Following the Netherlands, Hungary was the second country in Europe where a recognized quality assurance system became available to smaller translation companies, who can now provide better services to further improve customer satisfaction.

In the year 2000 a quality assurance standard and a handbook was written containing features, which are unique to the Hungarian market. These standards specify the conditions on which to qualify for the "Certified Company" title. 

Apart from the website, where you can look up the companies that are members of this association, the MFE publishes four times a year a newsletter – in which the translation association informs its members and other translation companies about new trends and news in the business – and also the Association's Yearbook, which includes not only data regarding the members but also helpful information for clients and guidance for better collaboration between members and their clients.

Membership requirements

All legal entities can get full membership, as long as they acknowledge the by-laws of this translation association, their principal activity covers professional mediation in between languages and thay have been trading in the field for at least one year, thay utilize some quality assurance system, agree to pay all membership fees and refunds, abide by the association's professional code of conduct and agree to observe the resolutions of the association.

If your company meets these requirements and wishes to join MFE, contact this translators association using the email address

Keep in mind that in Hungary live 10 million people and that their official language is Hungarian.

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