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Translators Association Europe: AFITThe Interpreting and Translation Companies’ Association of Romania (Asociatiei Firmelor de Interpretariat si Traduceri din România, AFITOS) was founded in 2005. More recently, there was a fusion between AFITOS and the Translation Bureau Association of Romania (Asociatia Birourilor de Traduceri din România, ABTR) but the name of the first was maintained, as well as the status and the code of ethics. The aim is “to build a solid and consistent” organisation that represents translation companies. The change was made by unanimous decision of the members of both translators associations.

AFITOS maintains its status as sole representative of Romania at EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. Although ABTR has ceased its activity, the projects it has will go on under new auspices.

The translation agencies that form AFITOS have, without exception, a “long professional experience” in the market segment of translation and / or interpretation. All of them share the same purposes: on the one hand, to develop the professions related with interpretation and translation, orienting them towards quality services provided by professional companies; on the other hand, to serve as lawyers and representatives of members at national and international levels.

The Romanian translators association has defined a set of objectives it is committed to follow. Amongst them is the desire to align with international standards and continuous improvement of quality systems, both for the benefit of members and of the general market. AFITOS wishes to improve the general perception and increase recognition of interpreting and translation as professional services which inevitably require qualification, competence and experience with specific demands.

It is also in the aims of the translation association to legally optimise the activities of interpreting and translation activities, providing with recognition and professional certification procedures, guaranteeing that all services are dealt according to legal tax levels. This will benefit both providers and recipients.

According to the Romanian organisation, one of its main objectives is to support the beneficiaries of interpretation and translation services, helping them to understand – and demand – the relevant quality criteria for the service. This includes guidance in specific parameters, such as technical conditions.

As for its own members, AFITOS wants to further collaboration towards offering training – and the afore-mentioned certification – of professional interpreters and translators. This will benefit the quality of the work as well as the professionals’ expertise.

The translation association has been preparing a Code of Best Practice for the services offered, as well as putting together a Translation Buyer’s Guide. Meanwhile, AFITOS can provide expert advice on good practice to both users and suppliers of translation and interpreting services. The Romanian society can even clarify the people interested in understanding the criteria required by EU institutions.

Together with other national and transnational associations throughout Europe, AFITOS helped develop and implement the European standard for written translation, EN 15038, promoted by EUATC. The contribution of several experts, including many members of the Romanian translators association, made it possible to implement in Romania, where AFITOS also chaired the technical committee.

At present, AFITOS wants to increase the number of members, as well as to further develop the organisation of professional meetings, to complete the Code of Best Practice and the Buyer’s Guide. Other than that, the organisation wants to expand the cooperation with EUATC and other international projects.

Furthermore, it is an objective of AFITOS to provide a framework for better cooperation and partnership between members and other entities that are active both in Romania and abroad. Keeping members in mind, the Romanian translation association wants to facilitate the access to information and provide news of interest to all associates, such as articles on working methods and professional tools, business opportunities, professional insight and commercial information.

The basic principles of AFITOS’ Code of Ethics are: “the duty of loyalty to the association, promoting the interests of the association in relation to their own respect for other members and to all those involved in the translation and interpretation services market, avoid and overcome potential interpersonal conflicts” and “fostering dialogue and collaborative spirit”.

As a member, your interpreting and / or translation company becomes a member of the only quality association in Romania representing the interests of the business community related with translation and interpretation.

AFITOS can also provide your company with an additional confirmation – “external and objective” – of its credibility. In addition, the translators association allows its members to express themselves and to be involved with other members, which may be useful to identify, through joint efforts, viable solutions to tackle the difficulties faced by translation companies in Romania and in Europe.

AFITOS is also a dialogue partner that increases awareness and acceptance of translation and interpretation services in relation to potential beneficiaries, specialised labour, relevant authorities and the media. If you wish to make your translation company a member of AFITOS, you must fill-in the membership application and send it to the Board of Directors of the association.

Keep in mind that Romania’s official language is Romanian (or Daco-Romanian). It is spoken by approximately 28 million people, mostly in Romania and Moldova. It also has official status in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Serbia and in the autonomous Mount Athos in Greece. In the Republic of Moldova, the language is officially called Moldovan, although it is the same idiom.

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