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"Always committed to the highest quality and reliability"

Translation Associations Europe: VÜDThe German Interpreters and Translators Association (Verband der Übersetzer und Dolmetscher e.V., VÜD) was founded on the 30th October 1990, less than a month after Germany became a united country again. Bringing together approximately 160 qualified and experienced professionals, this translation association is home to skilled translators and interpreters with a relevant university degree and “in many cases, special training in one particular subject”.

Since 1994, VÜD is a member of FIT, the International Translators Federation. The German organisation is committed to the professional interests of its members as a whole, eagerly persisting in providing them with means towards their professional training. The translators association wishes to secure that its members meet the growing demands of customers of translation and interpretation, everyday expecting more from the work of translators or translators agencies. VÜD has a special concern with business and demands for professional performance.

According to VÜD, members of professional organisations, especially translation associations and this one in particular, must meet specific membership criteria, rules – a strict code of ethics and professional set of regulations – as a prerequisite for the profession. The association wishes to help members to improve their skills, in order to broaden their customer base, as well as to facilitate the choice of customers when looking for translation and interpreting professionals.

VÜD provides the visitors of its website with a search engine that makes looking for a member that suits their demands a lot easier. In it, you can find detailed information on working languages, fields of activity, expertise and specialised areas of all professional translators who are members of this organisation.

To become a part of this German translators association, you must fill in the form, attach two colour passport photos and return the document to the association. There is an ID card for members (10 euro). VÜD requests that everyone interested in becoming a member do not forget to specify the higher education degree when asked for the profession, as well as to specify the current job.

Members of VÜD are - according to their professional status – “always committed to the highest quality and reliability”. As a customer becomes used to hiring the services of a translator or a translation company, his / her experience will also generate higher demands. The quality and efficiency of a professional can and should be measured by his / her work. However, the part played by the customer is also of the essence in order to accomplish a quality piece of work.

The German translation association recommends customers to inform the professional about the purpose of the translation. “Different audiences may require a different approach to the transmission of the text” and even “the time and cost could be represented differently”. In addition, a customer should not forget to provide the translator with all relevant reference material, in order to avoid misunderstandings. Technical language is always a great concern and the afore-mentioned material can be greatly relevant to overcome every obstacle on the way.

According to VÜD, translators and interpreters are the right people to provide customers with advice on linguistic matters. You may as well benefit from their particular skills when working in international communication.

The German translators association advises potential customers to always give the interpreter an opportunity “to thoroughly prepare for the deployment”. Often professionals have a very short time to get acquainted with themes and situations and it will surely benefit your interests to allow the interpreter to get prepared properly. “The better the interpreter is trained, the more you can concentrate undisturbed on the subject of negotiations.”

Keep in mind that German, a language related to English and Dutch, has around 98 million native speakers and is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium and South Tyrol, in Italy.

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