Translators Associations Europe: DZTPS

Scientific and technical translation in Slovenia

Translation Associations Europe: DZTPSThe Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia (Društvo znanstvenih in tehniških prevajalcev Slovenije, DZTPS), seeded in the country’s capital city, Ljubljana, is a professional union of Slovenian translators. It is aimed at both professionals who work as freelancers and at translators who have been employed by different companies and translation agencies.

This translators association from Central Europe has around 500 members. DZTPS has organised a directory where you can find each member’s profile, according to working language and field of expertise.

One of the objectives established by the Slovenian translation association is “to establish and maintain links with similar organisations and translation institutions at the nation and international levels”.

The DZTPS is responsible for publishing a journal about scientific and technical translation called Mostovi, which means “bridges”, in Slovene.

The Slovenian translators association has decided to make some recommendations to its members concerning the rates they should be using on the profession. So, taking into account a “standard page of hard or soft copy of translated text”, consisting of approximately 1500 characters, without counting the spaces between words, sentences and paragraphs, the DZTPS estimates that the standard rate from a foreign language to Slovene is around 33 euro. On the other hand, for the given example of text, if you’re translating from Slovene to a foreign language, you should be charging around 50 euro.

They have also calculated that “the rate for proof-reading and copy editing is 15% to 50% of the translation rate”.

Members of DZTPS are currently working with around 30 languages, such as Albanian, Esperanto, Finnish, Hebrew, Portuguese and Japanese. They work in a variety of subjects, from accounting to mathematics, including advertising, chemistry, history or sports.

Keep in mind that Slovenia’s official language is Slovene (or Slovenian). It is a South Slavic language with approximately 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom living in Slovenia. It is the first language of about 1.85 million people. It is also one of the 23 working languages of the European Union.

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