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Standing for "an essential vehicle of cultural enrichment"

Translators Associations Europe: UNILINGUEUNILINGUE, Italy’s National Association of Language Service Providers (Associazione Nazionale di Imprese di Servizi Linguistici), was formed in 2009, becoming “the most important association” of the sector in Europe. This translators association was born with the support of Confindustria – Innovative and Technological Services, from the merging of two great Italian organisations: Federcentri and Imprelingue. It is a member of EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. UNILINGUE plays “a key role in the world of translation and interpreting in Europe”.

Right from the start, UNILINGUE inherited not only the human resources, but also the experience of the two extinguished associations, which were extremely skilled when it came to organising conferences, conventions, seminars, as well as providing services and assistance in fiscal management practices, marketing and technology.

The Italian translation association has chosen, as goals, “to promote and protect the interests of its members in respect of companies and institutions, in reference to the world of translation and interpreting activities in key global communications”. For UNILINGUE, communication is “an essential vehicle of cultural enrichment and development”, a decisive element for the “proper development of every nation”.

In a world dominated by globalisation, where the economy changes every minute and its products are exchanged every second, international relations are a daily demand, fundamental for the evolution of national and international language service providers, as translation companies, translation agencies, freelancers, etc. It is “in this context of extreme professionalism, confidentiality, expertise and high culture” that UNILINGUE wishes to make a difference.

One of this translators association’s main efforts is to create synergies between members through the establishment of working committees, fulfilling any specific needs concerning translation and the language service market.

All board members participate actively in the activities organised by UNILINGUE, all of them based upon the will of all associates, as this is a voluntary association.

According to the organisation, “to become a member of such an important and numerous group like UNILINGUE surely has enormous benefits for members”. With the proudly presented motto “Unity is strength”, the translators association defends that “only by meeting and confronting the same issues will (they) be able to obtain tools and benefits that will allow (them) to continuously improve work and meet the increasing demands on time for customers”. Thus, even if UNILINGUE stands for each of its members individually, it promotes a union of professionals who working together will be stronger and get the best results out of their efforts.

It was partly thanks to this logic that UNILINGUE was able to make important agreements, such as the insurance deal created especially for the association by an international agency.

Another advantage of joining a “growing group” as “young and dynamic” as this one is the ability to access training in a thorough, continuous way. UNILINGUE organises regular recycling seminars, in many different locations spread all over Italy, in order to allow all members to attend these events. The topics are varied and permit both the personal and the professional enhancement.

The Italian translation association says that joining them means to enter a universe connected to the world of language service providers as a member of a “winning organisation”, popular both in Europe and worldwide, with the strong support of Confindustria – Innovative and Technological Services.

If you wish to apply for UNILINGUE, you should get in touch with the association’s secretariat. They will provide you with information, as well as the necessary application forms and other requirements. The request will then be considered by the Board of Directors, who will decide upon it basing themselves on the guidelines of the organisation’s constitution. You will be informed about the acceptance or not of your application soon after you’ve applied.

Keep in mind that Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican City). It is also used by minorities in Malta, Monaco, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Libya, Eritrea, and Somalia and by immigrant communities in the Americas and in Australia. It is estimated to have around 80 million speakers worldwide.

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