Translators Associations Europe: SIGV

Standing up for court interpreters and legal translators formed in SIGV

Translators Associations Europe: SIGVThe SIGV Court Interpreters and Legal Translators (Vereniging SIGV Gerechtstolken en Juridisch Vertalers) is a translators association for people that have studied in the Institute of Court Interpreters and Translators (shortened in Dutch to SIGV). Its headquarters is in Naarden.

First of all, to become a member you need to know that each member is expected to honor and comply with certain rules. SIGV’s members must perform their work with extreme skill, care and responsibility; only accept assignments for which they have the requisite knowledge and skills; be professionals and neutrals; be discrete and ethical in respect of the knowledge they obtain a job; perform every task in their own name and therefore bear responsibility themselves; authenticate themselves only by certified translations made with their name and stamp; and abide all laws.

Second, this translators association only welcomes people with a diploma of the Institute of Court Interpreters and Translators (shortened in Dutch to SIGV).
If that´s your case, you can join this translation association by filling out the registration form and sending it along with a copy of your diploma to The membership fee is € 70 per year.

Members meet twice a year in a general meeting for witch a speaker is invited to talk about the profession. In these meetings there is also room for members to exchange ideas with each other.

Keep in mind that Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, a country with around 16 million people.

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