Translators Associations Europe: TEPIS

Sworn and specialized translators in Poland

Translators Associations Europe: TEPISThe Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators (shortened in Polish to TEPIS) was founded in 1990 and is based in Warsaw. At the founding general assembly attended the Deputy Minister of Justice and the chairman of the Regional Court in Warsaw.

The mission of this translators association is to bring together sworn translators and interpreters.

TEPIS operates in the Polish Republic and abroad and its objectives include: deepening and spreading the knowledge of the art of translation and preservation of the Polish language, with particular emphasis on the needs of translators and interpreters; promoting the elevation of the profession of the sworn translator and his adherence to professional ethics; promoting the translator’s role in the implementation of the human right to a fair trial; taking steps towards an European integration, developing contacts and cooperation between judicial interpreters of other countries; defending the financial and legal interests of its members; and taking measures to develop contacts and cooperation with national and international institutions and organizations.

The means to do so

In order to pursue these aims, this translators society organizes conferences, workshops and training for translators; develops and issues glossaries, specialized dictionaries, theoretical works about translation; represents its members interests with the Polish public administration bodies; creates special funds to assist its members; and cooperates with national research institutions and social organizations.


Both foreigner translators and professionals residing in the territory of Poland can become members of this translators association. At TEPIS there are five membership categories: extraordinary members, ordinary members, expert members, supporting members and honorary members.
All members are entitled to participate in events organized by TEPIS and to be assisted in the areas related to the profession; can submit opinions and proposals, participate and vote in the general assembly of the association.

In exchange, members are required to comply with TEPIS rules; be actively engaged in the activities of the association and promote its objectives; and pay their membership fees on time (the exception are honorary members who are exempt from paying membership dues).

If you have any questions, contact this translators association using the email address or check out its page on Facebook.

Keep in mind that in Poland there are 38,6 million inhabitants and the official language is Polish.

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