Translators Associations Europe: CRETA

Sworn expert translators from Alsace

Translators Associations Europe: CRETAThe Regional Chamber of Sworn Expert Translators from Alsace (Chambre Régionale des Experts Traducteurs Assermentés d'Alsace or CRETA) is a professional association officially recognized and made up exclusively of legal experts in translation and interpretation, sworn by the Court of Appeal of Colmar.

The purpose of this translators association based in Strasbourg is to inform its members and put customers in direct contact with the translators of the language they want.

If you’re a customer and are having trouble finding a translator for a language or a specialized text, do not hesitate to ask CRETA or help. This translators association will endeavor to guide you and help you find the solution.

If you wish to contact CRETA write the translators association at

Keep in mind that French is the official language of France. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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