Translators Associations Europe: Traducteurs de l'Est

Sworn translators approved by the Appeal Courts in the north-east of France

Translators Associations Europe: Traducteurs de l'EstThe Chamber of Expert and Sworn Translators of the Eastern (Chambre des Experts-Traducteurs et Traducteurs Jurés de l'Est) is a non-profit translators association that was created in 1930.

The Chamber's headquarters are in Nancy, a city in Meurthe-et-Moselle, a department in the Lorraine region of north-eastern France.

This translators association brings together expert and sworn translators approved by the Appeal Courts in Nancy, Colmar and Metz as well as by the County Courts in the translators' jurisdictions. Thus, it is composed of three sections corresponding to the three Appeal Courts in the north-east of France: Nancy south Lorraine, Moselle and Alsace.

The members of this French organization apply their linguistic skills to meet the needs of the general public, the public services and the judiciary.

The oath they take is a guarantee of their competence and reliability.


The main objective of this translators association is to promote solid relationships among its members and be a source of information relating to their statutory duties.

The Chamber also wishes and aims to enhance the quality and uniformity of translations.

This translation association sees that each member respects both his/her responsibilities accepted when sworn-in at the courts and the Charter of the Association, so that any person who needs to have a document translated may be certain they apply to a competent translator.

How to become a member?
Each translator and interpreter registered on the list at either a Higher Level Court or at a Appeal Court in Alsace or Lorraine may ask to become a member of the Chamber.

This membership is neither obligatory nor automatic. To obtain such membership, one must apply sending a file similar to that submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on registration.

The board of this translation association gives a ruling concerning the application during its first meeting after the file has been registered. Its decision is supreme.

Should the decision be positive, the registered applicant is called upon to settle the corresponding fees currently coming to 65 Euros, produce two passport photos and above all subscribe to the association’s statutes and rules and regulations while committing herself/himself to comply at any given moment.

If you’re a customer, on the website, you can search for a translator by name or language. Altogether, members work with 44 different languages.

Keep in mind that French is a Romance language spoken as a first language in France, the Romandy region in Switzerland, Wallonia and Brussels in Belgium, Monaco, the province of Quebec and the Acadia region in Canada, and by various communities elsewhere. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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