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Translators Associations Europe: EAFTThe European Association for Terminology (EAFT) is a non-profit organisation of professionals in this sector in Europe. The association, founded in Kolding, Denmark, in 1996, aims at bringing together all the individuals and institutions that play an active part or have an interest in the discipline of terminology in the old continent.

In 1996, one of the recommendations of the newly published final report of the Pointer Project (Proposals for an Operational Infrastructure for Terminology in Europe) was the establishment of a European association for terminology. Over forty terminology organisations from the entire continent participated in the project, which was funded in partnership with the European Commission as part of the MLAP (Multilingual Action Plan) Programme.

On the 3rd October of that very same year, EAFT was born.

In the context of the terminology association, Europe is given a broad sense, not being limited to the states that form the European Union. EAFT plans to further cooperation agreements which will allow other institutions, networks or indeed associations (like translators associations) from Europe or not to participate in the activities organised by the terminologists union.

Examples of the intended agreements have already been established with Infoterm (the Information Centre for Terminology), Realiter (the Pan-Latin terminology network), the LTT (Network Lexicologie Terminologie Traduction) or the European Language Resources Association (ELRA).

The European terminology association was conceived to take plurilingualism further through terminology. With that mission accomplished, it is believed to be possible to create a European platform that will promote and professionalise terminological activities, as well as it will improve awareness of them. Moreover, EAFT believes this action will help liaise and cooperate actively with other relevant organisations, translation associations and institutions at all levels.

Some of the means to reach the proposed ends include public relations activities and campaigns conceived to promote the relevance of terminology and the profession of terminologist or the provision and exchange of information on terminological activities. Other actions include the promotion and support of conferences, events, workshops and courses on relevant topics, the creation of special interest groups which focus on particular domains or the promotion and support of research in terminology-related issues.

Moreover, EAFT plans to make a significant contribution to educating and training people who work with terminology in all its capacities, as well as the formal acknowledgement of academic and vocational terminological training courses at both national and European levels.

Every two years, EAFT hosts a summit. As for workshops, there have been many organised by the terminology association, hosted in numerous different parts of Europe, like Vaasa or Genoa. There have also been special EAFT seminars, like the one in Dublin, in 2007, and the one in Paris, in 2009.


As a member of EAFT, you have the right to vote in the association’s general assembly. You may also keep abreast of all developments concerning the field, namely through an email forum, regular electronic up-to-date information bulletins , workshops and meetings.

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the terminologists association is the establishment and furthering of relationships with professionals in the field. From them – or not – you may be provided with advice on information related to terminology. In fact, the exchange of information concerning terminology is valued and facilitated by the association. There are also several special interest groups that may aid you in many ways.

Members of EAFT benefit from several discounts, for example, when subscribing to TERMINOLOGY, the guide for professionals. Subscription includes postage and free online access. There is also 15% discount on other selected titles – all titles in the series Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice and the Handbook of Terminology Management, edited by Sue Ellen Wright and Gerhard Budin.

There are three different categories of membership: Students (25 euro), Individuals (50 euro) and Legal Entities (200 euro).

The European Association for Terminology welcomes all enquiries and does its best to provide a prompt and satisfying reply.

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