Translators Associations Europe: PSBT

Ten years raising the quality in the translation and localization industry

PSBT in one of the translation associations in PolandThe Polish Association of Translation Agencies (PSBT) completed 10 years of life in 2011. This translation association is a member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) and its main mission is to represent Polish professional translation and localization service providers at home and abroad.
PSBT promotes high quality services among member companies by popularizing industry good practice and standards, networking activities, disseminating information, exchange of know-how, as well as building the prestige and development of the translation and localization industry.

And the way to build that prestige is to strengthen the representation of its members with the government institutions, other industry organizations, clients and also the media.

By joining this Polish translators association, you'll have access to special offers and discounts on training and conference fees, as well as purchase of software, goods and services. You'll be able to carry out joint marketing activities with other translation associations or companies, have easier access to legal counsel, specialist training and networking opportunities with their peers and to arbitration services in case of disputes.

PSBT also has privilege liaisons umbrella and other industry associations and academic institutions.

Back in December of 2001, twelve companies joined forces and established the PSBT :Adam Translations, MAart Agency, Awangarda, Babel, Get It!, Komputekst, Interlang, Intertext, Lidex, ORSA, Tlumacz-Tekst and Zespól Tlumaczy Kwasniewscy. Today, the association has almost 30 members – you can check them out on PSBT's website.

These are companies that provide their services in accordance with the European EN 15038:2006 translation process standard. Many have additionally implemented the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

So, if are looking for a translation company in Poland, PSBT is your best liaison to the Polish market.

Keep in mind that in Poland there are 38,6 million inhabitants and the official language is Polish.

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