Translators Associations Europe: JTP

The Czech association of translation and interpretation

Translators Associations Europe: JTPThe Union of Interpreters and Translators (abbreviated to Czech JTP) was founded in 1990 and currently has over 600 professional translators, interpreters and translation teachers actively working in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and other countries.

Since its foundation, this translators association has proven itself to be an important representative of professionals in the field of interpretation and translation. It aims to achieve social recognition and adequate assessment of the profession and at the same time increase the level of professional colleagues.

On JTP's website (mainly in Czech), this translators association gives answers to frequent questions, such us the following: how to start and establish your own business; how to budget a standard page; how to become a court interpreter; why and how to insure against damage caused by translation or interpretation, finding a translator or an interpreter in a specific pair of languages; certifying translations; Czech spelling rules; taxes due and tax return; etc.

To join this translators association, first download the application form or fill out the online form on JTP's website. Then submit it and remember that you need to present proof of your professional activities (it could be a photocopy of your business license, a contract for interpretation or translation, or confirmation from the client to whom you have interpreted or translated) and pay a membership fee.

One of the important benefits of being a JTP's member is that can publish a professional profile in the official list of interpreters and translators that this translation association makes publicly accessible and continually updates on its website.

Members receive regularly  a newsletter that gathers important information on the theory and practice of the profession, terminology, printed and electronic dictionaries on the market and software for professional translators.

Moreover, all members having e-mail connection receive every week the most recent internal reports on events, publications, job opportunities and professional challenges.

Finally, JTP can provide its members with a scholarship that allows them to attend free of charges professional conferences and educational events.

Keep in mind that the official language in the Czech Republic is Czech. The country has around 10 million inhabitants.

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