Translators Associations Europe: APROTRAD

The dynamics of sharing and collaborating in the land of Joan of Arc

Translators Associations Europe: APROTRADThe French Professional Association of Translation Businesses (Association PROfessionnelle des métiers de la TRADuction or APROTRAD) was established in 1993 in Orleans by a group of translators and has currently around fifty members.

APROTRAD brings together translators, interpreters, translation companies and representatives of related trades – university students studying translation are also welcome and can join the association.

This translators association is located in the French centre region but that does not stop APROTRAD from attracting professionals based outside France.

To encourage fruitful exchanges within the group is the main objective of this translators association that supports the promotion of the profession and organizes training for its members.

Other objectives of this translation association are to promote activities of interest for its members; provide information on the practice of the profession with educational institutions; disseminate information to its members; organize training accessible to as many members as possible; and participate in projects of national and even international importance.

APROTRAD has always been involved in various projects in the translation industry. It discussed the potential creation of a status for translators in the late 1990s and draw up the quality standard for translation services known as EN 15038.

This translators association is a member of a network of professional associations in the Centre region of France, the European Forum of Independent Professionals and also CAPIL (Coordination of Associations Representing Freelance Professionals).

Join this translators association

The Board requires the submission of a number of documents that you should attach to your application for membership. Those documents include a resume and the certificate that entitles you to work in the field whether you are a freelancer or own your own translation agency.

On the website of this translators association, you can download the complete rules.

APROTRAD offers regular meetings and training tailored to the needs expressed by its members – check out what’s being organized next on the website.

This translators association promotes the exchange and sharing of expertise, information and news and facilitates contacts throughout the year through a newsletter and the mailing list.

Keep in mind that French is the official language of France. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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