Translators association Europe: NBTG

The interests of sign language interpreters in the Netherlands

Translators association Europe: NBTGBased in Ugchelen, the Dutch Association of Sign Language Interpreters (Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging Tolken Gebarentaal or NBTG) represents the interests of sign language interpreters in the Netherlands.

Sign language interpreters handle the communication between deaf and hearing people. They translate everything that is said in sign language and also translate sign language into spoken language for people who do not speak sign language.

A sign language interpreter works in situations that range from a doctor's visit, a meeting, a church service to an (inter)national conference.

NBTG’s members are kept informed of the latest developments in the field of sign language reporting on interpreters training for example. To inform members, this translators association publishes a quarterly magazine and sends a monthly newsletter. Plus, its website is a permanent source of current information.

This translators association is open to all sign language interpreters, whether they are active or inactive (like interpreters in training).

There are however different types of membership for each case.

Full members are interpreters that are actively working. They receive the NBTG ‘s quarterly magazine and have access to the members section of the website where all the most up-to-date information can be found.

They receive other publications such as conference reports free of charge or with discount and they are entitled to vote at the biannual meeting.

They can also attend most of the workshops organized by this translators association, again without paying or with discount. Finally, they automatically become members of the Independent
Entrepreneurs Platform (shortened to PZO) – NBTG is collective member of the PZO. This type of membership costs € 230 per year plus € 31,25 corresponding to PZO.

Student members pay € 48,50 per year plus € 31,25 corresponding to PZO. Student members have the same rights as interpreter/full members, except voting rights. And for them becoming a member of PZO is optional.

There are still two other types of affiliation. Those who wish to support NBTG’s work and receive its quarterly magazine can do so by donating € 55.00. Supporters are mentioned in a special page on NBTG’s website.

Interested members – those who only wish to receive NBTG’s quarterly magazine – pay € 17,50.

Keep in mind that Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, a country with around 16 million people.

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