Translators Associations Europe: VZV

The motto is to work closely with their clients

Translators Associations Europe: VZVBased in The Hague, the Dutch Association of Freelance Professional Translators (VZV) was established in 1990 to promote the interests of professional translators working freelance in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, this translators association is a flourishing network of professional translators who meet the growing need for quality translations.

VZV looks after members interests and watches out for the on going developments in the field of translation and interpreting.

Only those translators who meet the high entry requirements of the VZV are admitted as members of this translation association. Aspiring members are strictly vetted, not only on their language skills but also on their professionalism and knowledge of their specialist field.

VZV’s members specialize in a wide range of subject fields and provide quality translations into and out of a multitude of languages for clients in the public sector and industry as well as in the academic community. If you’re a customer, you will be please to know that on VZV’s website there is a directory of members that lists all the translators of this network by language combination and specialist field.

VZV motto

VZV translators believe it is essential to work closely with their clients and count on the committement of this translation association to help them find the best solution for their translation needs.

The association has a number of language groups. Each one has its own discussion forum which group members can use to correspond on matters relevant to their own language. The group members also organize regular meetings at which they exchange language-specific as well as other knowledge and information, and simply catch up with each other.

A part from the language groups, there is a discussion forum open to all members for topics of a general nature. Both the general forum and the language groups are open to VZV members only.

VZV also has the expertise necessary to advise clients on a translation.

Members benefits

Members get to be on an online list, providing contact information for other members and clients; have peer-support scheme via mentoring program; have access to language groups; enter a private discussion forum; and are advised on business aspects.

To apply to membership or pose any questions you might have, contact VZV at

Keep in mind that Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, a country with around 16 million people.

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