Translators Associations Europe: SKTL

The oldest translation association in Finland.

Translators Associations Europe: SKTLThe Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) was founded in 1955 and that makes it the oldest translation association in Finland.

With approximately 1.900 members, this organization brings together professional translators and interpreters.

This translators association is involved in a wide range of domestic and international events and activities.
SKTL's goal is to strengthen the professional identity and professionalism of its members. With that in mind, the activities held by this translators association emphasize the development of ethical principles.

One of the primary goals of this translators association is also to promote the translation and interpretation as part of Finnish culture. SKTL cooperates with other organizations in the field of literature and strives to promote and bring out the quality of literary translation.

SKTL's members are renowned for their talent, whether they’re literary translators, audiovisual translators, international interpreters, teachers or researchers.

This translation association is actively involved in national projects in the field of legislation and education and gives advice on a wide-range of matters – counseling is generally free of charge.

Internationally, SKTL is a member of the International Federation of Translators.

Membership benefits

By becoming a member of SKTL, one gets to be a part of a lively and vibrant professional community, where sub-committees and local chapters organize a variety of relevant events.

Members also have access to training, seminars and other events. SKTL tries to highlight the valuable work of translators and interpreters by giving out a variety of prizes and supporting the internationalization of grants.

The translators association organizes a wide range of training throughout the year, like master classes on writing and translation. The annual seminars bring out to-date information, research results, and a wide range of perspectives on the evolving field. SKTL is also involved in the organization of the Finnish-Swedish translator seminars as well a international research symposium of translation and interpretation.

If you’re still thinking ‘Why join?’, know that there are other meetings and peer support. Members get to meet on a regular basis to discuss topical issues, consult with current performers and find colleagues.

As for advice, this translators association offers lawyer's advice in the event of dispute mediation.

You would also be listed on SKTL’s list of members, which means customers could apply for your services if they needed a translator or interpreter. Members can give their consent to have their contact published on this list, so customers can find them more easily.

Members are sent useful and current information about industry trends and news, trough the Translator magazine but also the association’s website.

If you’re still a student, you can join SKTL as well. You’ll find that this translators association has great work tips and tricks to help you in your transition to the professional practice.

If you still have questions, write to SKTL at or go to the Facebook page of this translators association.

Keep in mind that Finnish is spoken by at least 5,1 million people, the number of inhabitants of Finland.

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