Translators Associations Europe: ELZIE

Translating and interpreting from and into Basque

Translators Associations Europe: ELZIEThe Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language (Euskal Itzultzaile, Zuzentzaile eta Interpreteen Elkartea or ELZIE) was founded in the autumn of 1987 and brings together professionals engaged in translation or interpreting from and into Basque.

This translators association based in Donostia- San Sebastian aims to improve the legal status and working conditions for Basque translators; maintain the quality of translation work from and into Basque; promote Basque translation; and improve the professional training of its members.

This translation association is a member of the International Federation of Translators and the European Council of Literary Translators.

All members can attend the General Assembly and a Council is elected every two years. Then, this translators association also has five working committees organized in the areas of
Administration and Justice; Freelance translators and agencies; Interpreters and language revisors, proofreaders; Mass Media; Literature; and Training.

If you would to become a member of ELZIE, these are some of the benefits you would have. ELZIE encourages exchange of information among translators, interpreters, and correctors; gives legal advice to members concerning copyrights, taxes, agreements and other issues; organizes courses and seminars; and gives out a copy of all publications to its members.

This translation association has other resources for the translator from or into Basque. On ELZIE’s website, there’s a section where you will find tools that might prove useful.

There’s a Catalog of Literary Translation – a database of literary works that have been translated into Basque that was created by EIZIE –; average translation rates; a mailing list set up for translators from and into the Basque language; news about computor programs that may facilitate and lighten the work; the most common translation memory tools; and some useful tips to search on the Internet.

Keep in mind that in the Basque Autonomous Region, in Spain, people speak both Spanish and Basque. The Basque language is spoken by a population of approximately 700,000 people.  

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