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Translators Associations Europe: Vienna House of LiteratureThe Vienna House of Literature, opened in autumn 1991 in Vienna, is the home of three clubs: a documentation center for modern Austrian literature, the Syndicate of Austrian Authors and, last but not least, a translators community.

Its website provides a quick and concise view of the otherwise widely scattered information on Austrian contemporary literature.

Is you’re a translator or an author working or thinking of working in Austria, you should contact this translation association. Also, if you represent a translators association or own a translation agency it could be interesting to know what synergies could be created between your tow organizations.

The website of the Vienna House of Literature has extensive information of contemporary literary life in Austria, biographies with lists of works, news, and technical information for researchers and students as well as writers and literary translators.

Documentation center

The documentation center is older than the House itself. Founded in 1965, it collects literary materials from the 20th and 21st centuries, focusing on the period since 1945.
In fact, this center comprises the world's largest specialist library for Austrian literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. Moreover, it has an extensive collection of newspaper clippings.

This institution is open to all who are interested, with free admission. Since its establishment in the Vienna House of Literature, this center has held regular events gaining a place in the Viennese literary scene.


The syndicate of Austrian authors was founded in 1971 as a joint delegation of Austrian writers' associations and re-established in 1981 as an independent organization which currently has about 3.500 members and 70 member associations.

It promotes and protects the professional, legal and social interests of the Austrian writers; gives social and legal counseling and information; advices and supports in contractual matters and in all cases of censorship; and takes initiatives in the fields of taxation, social and copyright.

Translators Community
A part of the Vienna House of Literature, the translators community represent the interests of scientific and literary translators in Austria. Its primary goal is to improve the legal, social and
economic framework for translators.

Increasing the awareness and appreciation of the work of literary translators is another concern of this translators association. They offer information and advice to all job-related issues and promote educational events like the annual Austrian translator seminar.

To become a member of this translation association, one has to have published a book or an equivalent translation in a publishing house. Those who haven’t done that can entry as candidate members. Either way, you’ll find the application form on the Vienna House of Literature’s website.

Keep in mind that Austria’s official language is German. Around the world there are around 98 million native German speakers.

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