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Translators Associations Europe: UNTARThe National Union of Romania Authorized Translators (Uniunea Nationala a Traducatorilor Autorizati din Romania or UNTAR) is a non-governmental association of translators and interpreters that was founded in 2008 in Bucharest and has ties to the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

Its objectives are to become a professional organization, unite and all translators and interpreters authorized in Romania, and to strive to transform the profession of translator and interpreter in a liberal profession.

This translation association has been campaigning to see the profession recognized as an independent profession with its own specific rules.

UNTAR also campaigns for the recognition and protection of the rights and interests of translators and interpreters and against unlawful exercise of the profession by individuals and companies without legal and proper professional competence.

It defends those rights with all competent authorities and institutions and cooperates with all organizations involved in authorizing the translation in Romania – especially the Ministry of Justice and Civil Liberties and the National Union of Public Notaries.


UNTAR organizes congresses, conferences, workshops, courses and other training events in order to promote the improvement of translators and interpreters in Romania.

This translation association also wishes to organize the necessary examinations to test the knowledge of translators and interpreters to are about to start practicing. After putting candidates trough theses tests, UNTAR will recommend them to be appointed translators and interpreters by the Ministry of Justice.

UNTAR makes sure that its members follow high quality standards and perform according to a professional ethics and encourages them to support each other and exchange ideas and experiences with certified translators and their professional organizations from around the world.

Keep in mind that the official language in Romania, a country with around 22 million inhabitants, is Romanian.

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