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Translation Association Europe: CCCThe Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters (Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru, CCC) is the national professional translators association of Wales. It works with both English and Welsh language professionals. It was founded in 1976, with the point of creating a discussion forum to talk about “issues relating to Welsh/English translation and interpreting”.

Nowadays, it is “a company limited by guarantee, number 4741023”.

The association receives financial help from the Welsh Language Board and is considered to be one of the Board’s most important partners. The Welsh Language Board is advised by the CCC on translation issues. This committee recommends the use of a translator who is a member of a professional translation association. In case anyone is looking for a Welsh translator, the Board always refers to this association’s list of members.

The main mission of this organisation is “to ensure professional translation standards in Welsh/English translation and interpreting”. At the same time, they wish to make sure that there is an effective development of the translation industry, as part of the process that aims to promote the Welsh language and bilingualism.

Other aims of this association include the extension and strengthening of “its accreditation and benchmarking procedure to maintain professional standards in English/Welsh translation”, as well as to represent at least most of translators working that language combination.

It is part of the organisation’s duties to provide translators with professional support, at the same time as it represents the profession in “areas of influence”.

By acting as a consultant, the Welsh association wishes to help develop the industry.


There are three levels of professional membership available.

Full membership is aimed at “text translators who have been working as full-time translators for at least 3 years”. These members are supposed to professionals who don’t require supervision of editing.

Basic membership is for translators being supervised by an experienced professional. The candidate must have at least one year of experience in professional translation.

Interpreting membership is an option for interpreters who work “to a fully professional standard”. They should be able to interpret correctly, with fluency, from Welsh to English. Candidates are expected to have 200 hours of experience at attending meetings as interpreters.

Benefits from being a member of the Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters include a Professional Indemnity Insurance, “specially tailored for Full and Basic members of the Association”. Also, there are occasional discounts and special offers for members, as result of a partnership with several organisations / shops.
Members also receive discount rates when they sign up for workshops and conferences organised by the association. There is also “a 20% discount on examinations / assessment fees.

Keep in mind that Welsh, a member of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages, is spoken natively in Wales, as well as some parts of England and in Y Wladfa, the Welsh colony in Argentina. It is estimated to have around 611,000 speakers worldwide. However, English remains as the main language in Wales. In the United Kingdom, which Wales is part of, there are around 60 million speakers of English.

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