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Translation Associations News: PanUTIThe Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters (PanUTI) is a non-profitable translation association, whose founders chose to put the emphasis on two words: “professional” and “ethical”.

Right from the start, the people responsible for the creation of this translators association in the Mediterranean island, defined a list of goals to take very seriously.

Above all, the point of the Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters is to “promote professionalism in translation and interpreting in Cyprus”.

At PanUTI, one of the strongest intentions is to generate public, governmental recognition of translation and interpreting as a specialised, qualified profession. On their “to do” list, it is stated that the right expression for their effort is “by any means”. They wish to ensure that all professional rights of translators and interpreters are untouched.

Other than the fight for rights and prestige, the people at PanUTI wish to promote the development of the profession, especially in academic terms, with the promotion of further education for translators and interpreters. It is worth remembering the designation of the association does include the word “graduate”.

As important as their member’s rights is the commitment towards possible clients. Another goal is “to promote professional and ethical conduct by the PanUTI members”, both in their relationships with other colleagues and the people who have eventually hired their professional services. All of this according to the Code of Ethics and Bylaws the creators of this translators association have defined.

The final goal stated in their constitution is “to uphold the interests of the member translators and/or interpreters”.

Keep in mind that Cyprus is an island currently divided in two different territories. North Cyprus is influenced by Turkey, being Turkish the most popular language, with an estimated 177,000 speakers. In South Cyprus, Greek is the main tongue, with 689,000 speakers. Across the island, Arabic and Armenia are also spoken. Around the world, there are at least 13 million speakers of Greek, whereas Turkish represents a higher percentage, as it is estimated to have 83 million speakers worldwide.

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