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Translators Associations Europe: ELIAThe European Language Industry Association (ELIA) is the first pan-European organisation of interpreting, localisation and translation companies. In spite of being based in Europe, it stretches beyond the old continent, with company members all around the world.

ELIA, a non-profit making organisation registered in the United Kingdom, works as an umbrella professional translation association for its members. It is committed to representing the interests of all its associates in the European marketplace but also to establish relationships with translation agencies and other organisations from other parts of the globe.

The European interpreters and translators association makes a point of saying it does not have the intention of overruling national translation associations or similar. ELIA is the first “and so far the only” organisation in Europe bringing together translation companies all over the continent and neighbouring countries. It provides them with an opportunity to communicate with each other directly, rather than through a national translation association, although it does not replace its role. In fact, if your translation company is a member of a national translators association, that is not an impediment for joining ELIA.

Just like any other translators association, ELIA has defined several aims it wishes to accomplish. Other than the representation of its members’ interests and the establishment of partnerships, this European translation association also wished to develop relationships with individual colleagues and related bodies from all parts of the world. With this goal, ELIA wishes to make its members’ voice heard worldwide.

The sharing of information and expertise is, in ELIA’s view, a powerful tool to develop the industry and, therefore, a goal to be achieved. Moreover, the translators association aims at providing a forum for members which allows them to network efficiently. One very important goal of the organisation which cannot be neglected is the promotion of ethics and quality standards for all translation agencies throughout the industry.

ELIA Membership

Membership at ELIA is open to localisation, internationalisation, interpreting and translation companies only, which provide language products or services, including development of tools, supplying of training and consultancies. This European translators association does not have individual members.

When your translation agency joins ELIA, it will not receive an invoice as evidence of the registration unless you request one. However, when the payment is received, a receipt will be issued.

For all new members that join the translation association in the fourth quarter of the year (after the 1st October), the full membership fee will be valid for the following year. Members joining in the first three quarters of the year must pay the full amount for the year in question.

ELIA members come from all parts of Europe but also from the rest of the world. According to the translators association, “they can be characterised as companies that are inquisitive, want to learn, and are interested in building relationships with their peers in the industry”.

Members of ELIA benefit from “great networking opportunities with peers and clients”. Furthermore, membership provides them with an increased visibility and more credibility within the language industry, not only in Europe, but worldwide. They have the possibility to participate in “joint bids for large multilingual projects”.

ELIA members are allowed to use the organisation’s logo on websites and other marketing materials.

As far as bargains are concerned, members of the translation association may benefit from reduced conference (and several other events) participation fees, as well as discounts on software and hardware purchases.

There are two types of membership available. Full members must meet all membership criteria, which include quality guidelines. They must be “actively involved in the sale, marketing and provision of language services”. They enjoy full voting rights, as well as the “right to appoint representatives to serve on committees and as officers and directors of the association”. Other benefits may meanwhile be established by the board of directors.

The other membership category is Associate members. These do not have such an active role in providing language services as Full members. They may serve as vendors to translation companies, who wish to support the activities and goals of the translation association. Associate members may include educational institutions or professional organisations which have an interest in the professions of translation and / or interpreting. They do not have voting privileges, however, it may be established otherwise from time to time by the board of directors.

Networking Days

ELIA is in charge of the organisation of two major events every year called ELIA’s Networking Days. They are aimed at its members as well as other organisations’ and their goal is to provide the community with “the best opportunities to grow as companies”.

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