Translators Associations Europe: ATRAE

Uniting everyone involved in translation and adaptation of audiovisual and cinema productions

Translators Associations Europe: ATRAEThe Association of Audiovisual Translation and Adaptation of Spain (Asociación de Traducción y Adaptación Audiovisual de España or ATRAE) was created with the aim of ensuring the needs and interests of audiovisual translators, adjusters and audio descriptors of Spain.

The main mission of this translators association is, thus, to unite professionals working in this fields and work to improve the industry and promote quality of audiovisual works.

This translators association wants to be the meeting point for all professionals involved in the process of translation and adaptation of audiovisual and cinema productions.

ATRAE talks about, discusses and tries to improve the field of audiovisual translation and adaptation and aims to be the voice of the sector.

Its members are dubbing or subtitling translators, adapters, adjusters, translators who do video games localization, audio descriptors, and other professionals involved in the process of translation and adaptation.

ATRAE runs a discussion forum in which professionals such as you can talk, discuss, reflect and share ideas. The idea is that all stand together to try to resolve the problems of the profession.

A part from protecting the interests and rights of its associates, either individually or collectively, such as copyright, this translators association provides training to professionals and new comers and works to generate quality employment.


If you would you like to become a member of ATRAE, know that joining this translators association is rather easy. All you have to do is fill out the membership form and pay the fee.

There are two types of members: full members or supporters and adherent partners. For the first, the annual fee is 90 €; the second pay only 45 € per year.

To become a member you must be an adult, show interest in participating in ATRAE and comply with the minimum requirements for each membership category. Founding partners are those involved in the foundation of the association. Full members are professionals of the audiovisual, translation and adaptation industry and are entitled to speak and to vote. Adherent partners may be students, supporters and professionals in related industries to audiovisual translation and adaptation. Honorary members are people who have collaborated with the association in achieving ATRAE’s objectives, don’t pay any fee and are also entitled to speak but not vote.

Before you make up your mind check out the conferences where members enjoy discounts on ATRAE’s website.

Job search: tax, legal and professional support; specific and innovative training; chat sessions in more than one language; discounts on many professional services and on courses and conferences organized by other institutions and translation agencies are others advantages of being a member of this translation association.

On the same website you can also see news about translation and adaptation of audiovisual and cinema productions.

Keep in mind that Spanish is spoken not only in Spain, where there are 39,4 million inhabitants, but also in populous countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.


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