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Uniting translation companies in Estonia

Translation Associations Europe AETCAETC, the Association of Estonian Translation Companies, was born in 2000, from the initiative of some of Estonia’s largest and most active companies in the market.

This translation association arrived at a time when Estonia’s professional translation activity was “quite irregular and already quite crowded”, which had serious consequences on the also irregular quality of the services provided.

The AETC was established with the purpose of bringing more organisation to the Estonian translation market, as well as – if not consequently – increase quality. “The goal of the association has always been to unite reliable and responsible translation companies that are focused on quality”, they say.

Nowadays, in Estonia, translation companies have developed, reaching the level that can finally be compared to other European countries. The AETC is proud to say “this has been accomplished through educating clients, introducing common operating principles”, as well as exchanging information and improving the services of all members of the translators association.

At AETC, there is a list of principles which have been determined to guarantee the quality of the final product. Moreover, the association represents its members’ common interests at a public level, with the organisation of events where professionals can exchange information. There are also regular training sessions and seminars. They have also won “large-scale translation procurements and completed them together”.

The AETC has adopted the EN 15038:2006 European Quality Standard for Translation Services in the Estonian judicial area.

Even though it was born with the purpose of uniting Estonian translation companies, this organisation has opted to limit its members, in order to maintain the high quality standards. In fact, the AETC only has eight members, “though there are roughly 20-30 translation companies operating in Estonia”.

For the future, the Estonian association aims to become more broad-based, “by constantly involving new members”, always focussing on quality rather than quantity.

Keep in mind that Estonian is the official language of Estonia. It is spoken by about 1.1 million people in Estonia and tens of thousands in various communities abroad. It is a Uralic language, with a lot of similarities with Finnish.

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