Translators Associations Europe: AITI

Uniting translators and interpreters in Italy

Translators Associations Europe: AITIFounded in 1950, the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI) is a non-profit association of translators and interpreters in Italy.

The AITI is a founding member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), a non-governmental agency that joints national associations of translators and interpreters and maintains formal consultative relations with UNESCO.

This translators association aims to promote: better conditions and benefits for translators and interpreters; legislative initiatives to see the professional status of copyright recognized in translation courses; the professional development of translators and interpreters; the collection and dissemination of information regarding the profession, including collaboration with institutions that train translators and interpreters.

AITI has a national executive council and eleven regional sections – these regional branches manage the association's activities at the regional level and assess and handle membership requirements.

The AITI carries out its activities at international, national and regional level.


AITI admits professionals who meet the qualifications and experience specified by its 'constitution' and that pass a test for admission – check out the next exams and the documents you'll have to present on the AITI's website. You're welcome whether you are a aggregate member, an expert or a translation scholar. University institutes and institutes of Translation and Interpreting can also apply.

Members have to reside in Italy or carry out their activities in the country. The applications are assessed jointly by the competent regional board and submitted for final approval to the National Admissions Committee.

In addition to the many intangible benefits that result from belonging to a body of only qualified professionals, AITI's members: are included in a list; have the opportunity for exchange information and experiences; can subscribe all AITI's journals and other publications; have discounts in several initiatives and on publications for which the AITI sets of conventions; are entitled to guidance and advice on matters of professional interest.

Every two years, this translators association organizes a certification program of continuous training.

To know more about this continuing education program, write to the head of the regional section of your interest. You will find all the contacts on the website.

Keep in mind that Italian is the official language in Italy, a country with around 60 million people.

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