Translators Associations Europe: AIDAC

Who wrote the Italian version?

Translators Associations Europe: AIDACThe Italian Association of Audiovisual Script Translators and Adaptors (AIDAC) is a translators association that unifies the Italian authors of the dialogues of foreign films, TV movies, TV serials and all other forms of audio-visual products.

This translators association based in Rome is bringing together the authors of the Italian dialogues adapted for dubbing for audio-visual production since 1976.

When you go to the movies, rent a videotape or a DVD or watch a foreign movie on television, it will most likely be "dubbed". Do you know who wrote the Italian version? That work has been done by translators for the actors.

Actually, they're called dialogue writers. Frame by frame, they translate, transpose, process, rewrite and synchronize the movements of the lips, word for word, bar by bar the original dialogue, transforming it with painstaking care and the utmost respect for the original work and its spirit.

The result is a completely new text called "adaptation".

Well, AIDAC aims to facilitate life for our members, to give them the opportunity to be informed about the latest news of the sector and to report on the labor market or directly to original authors and to offer users – from the curious spectator to the film scholar – a window of a profession to be discovered and appreciated.


A draft for a bill to protect the Italian cinema, the encouragement of the movement of Italian cinema abroad, training experts in dubbing and formation of adapters abroad are the projects that this translators association has i hands at the moment.

On AIDAC's website, you can know more about this translators association and about dubbing in general. The site has a members-only area.

Keep in mind that Italian is the official language in Italy, a country with around 60 million people.

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