Translators Associations Europe: ASTRADUL

Working in France with qualifications from the University of London

Translators Associations Europe: ASTRADULASTRADUL (Association des traducteurs diplômés de l'Université de Londres) is a non-profit association of French–English and English–French translators whose members hold translation qualifications from the University of London.

This translators association is based in Paris and welcomes as members holders of the British Institute's or ULIP's ( Certificate and/or Diploma or MA in French and English Translation and to former translation tutors on these courses.

Graduates of the British Institute/ULIP courses can choose whether to enrol as active members or supporters. Former tutors enrol as supporters, unless they happen also to be graduates of the same courses.

This translators association puts clients in touch with translators with its website. Acquired in 2001, the site has proven to be useful to prospective and existing members, and to clients and employers in search of translators. It helps this translators association to build and maintain a network with tailored content and features to suit members' and visitors' needs.

For instance, clients and employers can either access individual translators' details via ASTRADUL’s bilingual directory of freelance translators or use a contact form to go through its pool system.

This translators association welcomes comments and suggestions, whether they come from current or prospective members of the association, potential clients or employers, fellow language-workers or simply visitors interested in finding out about ASTRADUL’s activities.

To join, fill out the application form that’s on the website.

Keep in mind that French is the official language of France. Around the world there are around 130 million French speakers.

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