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Working with more than 30 authorized languages

Translators Associations Europe: FATThe Swedish Federation of Authorized Translators (Föreningen Auktoriserade Translatorer or FAT) exists since 1932 and has its headquarters in Stockholm.

This translators association aims to safeguard the common interests of its members and promote general recognition of their work.

The members of this translators association represent more than 30 authorized languages, perform all kinds of translations to and from their respective authorization language and undertake assignments from government agencies, businesses, such as translation companies, and individuals.

A sworn translator is a professional translator that has governmental authorization issued by the Administrative Services Agency – in order to get this title; candidates have to pass demanding skills tests and a integrity control.

It is easy to see that if you are looking for a certified translator, FAT is the way to go.

On the website of this translators association, you can search for a translator, specifying the work language, and access the translator's contact information and often also the disciplines he or she entered.

You can also go to the Administrative Services Agency website ( and check out all Sweden authorized translators.

If you can’t find an official translator to or from the language you want, you have another option: contact the association using the email address and ask for advice and possible further reference. You can also pose other questions.


This translation association welcomes all authorized translators that translate to or from the Swedish and a foreign language – a client that has a document to be translated from English into Portuguese, for example, must first turn to a translator who is certified from English into Swedish and then to a translator who translates from Swedish to Portuguese –, as long as they behave in a way that builds confidence in the profession and honor the reputation of FAT.

FAT’s members provide qualified translations, have a statutory duty of confidentiality, work according to accepted rules of ethics and are entitled to use official stamp of attestation of translations.

Become an authorized translator

You can apply for accreditation as a translator with FAT. Your application must contain information in accordance with the application form provided by the Administrative Services Agency. With the form, you need to send your birth certificate or an equivalent document.

Keep in mind that Swedish is the official language of Sweden, a country with around 9 million people.

When you fill-in your profile details to become a Lexis member, always choose your mother tongue as your working language. Lexis – Connections with meaning

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