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An event in Europe where new ideas take shape

Translations Associations Global: TAUSThe Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) industry events in Europe are where new ideas take shape. For that reason you don't want to miss TAUS European summit that will be held in Paris, between 31th of May and the 1st of June. The theme this year is "Translation in the 21st century – Eight things to change".

Nowadays, the translation industry is challenged to catch up with the times. The open forum – the TAUS European Summit isn't just another conference – being held by this translators association aims to get people thinking on how to change the present localization model.

TAUS' goal is to inspire an open minded approach to innovation and collaboration. Instead of the usual industry navel gazing, the speakers and panels chosen by this translators association will address language communication challenges that are relevant for every organization.

The TAUS European Summit will attract delegates from all stakeholder groups (enterprises, governments, NGO’s, associations) as well as providers of technologies and services, translation and language professionals. Video broadcasting, blogs and online forums will expand the reach and impact of the TAUS European Summit. Registration fees for this event are 1.250 EUR for members of TAUS and 2.500 EUR for non-members.

Connect, learn and grow

In the old localization model translators select our locales, count the words we own, define a project, find a memory and zip it up to send down their cascaded supply chain. This is their world, the world of the publisher exporting to targeted markets, where one translation quality fits all purposes. 

In the 21st century, however, the world of publishers is increasingly user-driven. Users comment, like, share, blog, and may even translate. Users begin to expect ubiquitously available translation on every website, in every application, device and service. In every language.

That's why translators need to connect, learn and grow. The product localization model is no longer enough as it is often ineffective. All of this will be discussed in the TAUS European Summit.

Why go
By participating in this summit you will help your language, your profession and your business prosper. It is certainly an interesting event, especially if you think that the translation industry is changing fast.

Everyone and everything is connected already or will be very soon. Ubiquitous computing, content explosion, many-to-many communication… technology is there. All translators have to do is know how to embrace it, improve it and use it. And TAUS European Summit will break new ground in automation, innovation and global collaboration.

The TAUS European Summit will be held at the chic Crowne Plaza Hotel République, just minutes away from one of the nicest areas in Paris: Le Marais, and also nearby Montmartre, Place de la Bastille and Jardins de Luxembourg. You'll be two kilometers away from Gare du Nord rail station and 40 minutes by taxi from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Know that TAUS delegates booking before April 30 benefit from a special group rate of 170 EUR per room per night including breakfast buffet and taxes. Room reservations have to be made directly on TAUS's website.

Predicting changes for years
Over the years TAUS has been spot-on predicting changes in the translation industry. They predicted in 2003 the broad adoption of machine translation technology in the localization industry and introduced the concept of collaborative translation in 2005, for example.

TAUS pushed for innovation in localization tenaciously since publishing the Language Business Innovation White Paper in 2007 and was pioneer in setting an example for translation memory sharing with the foundation of the TAUS Data Association in 2008.

In 2009, this translation association spearheaded the case for open translation platforms. And in the following year, TAUS proved the feasibility of self-service machine translation.

TAUS is a think tank for the translation industry, undertaking research for buyers and providers of translation services and technologies. It aims to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better and, for that reason, supports entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive program of events, publications and knowledge tools. You get to know more about these projects if you go to TAUS' website.

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