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Defending literary translators in a European context

Translation Associations Global: CEATLThe European Council of Associations of Literary Translators (CEATL) is an international non-profit association officially created in 1993, so that literary translators associations from different European countries could exchange views and information, and operating under Belgian law that

CEATL works as a platform where those translators associations can join forces to improve the status and the working conditions of the literary translators they represent.

This council of translation associations from all over Europe was set up by 10 founder members, but nowadays has more than 32 member associations from 26 countries across Europe, representing some 10.000 individual authors. 

CEATL is constantly encouraging associations in the new EU member states and in EU neighboring countries to become members. Recently, it gained members from the former Eastern Europe, such as the Turkish association Çevbir, for example.


On the internal front, CEATL gathers information on the situation of literary translation and translators in the member countries and shares experiences and examples of best practice. 

As far the external front goes, this council of translators associations defends the legal, social and economic interests of literary translators in a European context.

That includes EU lobbying and reacting publicly to trends or events impacting on the profession and on the quality of literary translation.

Becoming a member

CEATL helps individual member associations to strengthen the position of literary translators in their countries. So, if you represent a literary translators association in a European country, it's surely within your best interest to join this organization. 

There are two types of membership/member associations: active members – any literary translators association registered and based in a European country – and associate members – literary translators associations in non-European countries and pan-European or international organizations involved in literary translation can join this association under; that assessment is made in an annual general meeting.

Once a year, there's that general meeting where delegates from the member translators associations come together. This event is hosted by the associations in rotation.

The membership fee at CEATL is around 400 EUR and applications, to be submitted in English or French, must be sent to the board by email, accompanied by documentary evidence of the candidate association’s representativeness – which means relevant extracts from the articles of association, a short overview of the organization and a list of sample activities.

The annual general meeting has sole discretion in granting or refusing applications. It does not have to explain its decision.

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