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Developing professional practices in localisation globally

Translators Associations Global: TILPThe Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) is a non-profit organization based in Dublin, in Ireland, that aims of developing professional practices in localisation globally.
It is the primary goal of this translators association to develop professional practices in localisation globally. TILP represents localisation industry professionals and professionals active in localisation related areas.

These include software publishers and publishers of other material using electronic media, eContent providers, localisation service providers, tools developers, trainers and educators, and researchers.

Other objectives of this translators association are to provide professional certification; be the representative body for localisation professionals; become the reference point at global level for the localisation industry and those requiring information about it; promote the industry through a variety or publications and activities; provide the infrastructure for a range of activities supporting the development of the industry; and maintain direct and regular contact with localisation companies, government departments and agencies, researchers and students, and the media and international consultancy firms.


To achieve its aims, TILP provides professional certification and has established a register of professional members. It also organises a range of related activities, such as the annual conference; workshops for localisation professionals; executive briefing for the TILP Council; support of organisations that contribute to the development of the profession; the website and lobbying and awareness raising.


TILP membership is for individuals rather than organisations. Localisation companies are asked to encourage their employees to register with TILP.

There are four grades of membership: student member, associate member – anybody with an interest in localisation –, professional member, and fellow member – these are experts in their field and nominated by TILP to advise the association on issues such as certification.

Membership is for one calendar year, expiring on 31 December each year. The fees are: 65 euros for student members, 75 Euros for associate members, 250 Euros for professional and fellow members.

There era additional fees for professional certification, attending at various workshops conferences.

Members benefits

The list of benefits one gains by joining this translators association is endless: professional representation and certification; an entry on TILP’s Directory of Members; access to events, including Professional Member Convention; access to the TILP members-only website and the Localisation Tools Laboratory and Showcase of this organization; significantly reduced fees for LRC seminars, workshops and annual conference; reduced fees for conferences sponsored or promoted by TILP; possibility to attend the ATA conference and others for free; free subscription to Localisation Focus; free online subscription to; a vote at TILP Annual General Meeting; and up to 30% discount in leading localisation tools.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of TILP, you’ll find the online application on the association’s website.

If you want to know more about TILP, contact the translators association at

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