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Translation Associations Global: TAUSThe TAUS Asia Translation Summit will be held in Beijing, in the Park Plaza Beijing West Hotel, on 24 and 25 of April. If you represent a translators association, own a translation company or work as a freelance translators, you don't want to miss this event devoted to the subject “Translation in the 21st Century”. 

At the TAUS Asia Translation Summit, this translation association promises to break new ground in automation, innovation and global collaboration.

Knowing that language translation is critical for global business, knowledge sharing and learning and that translation helps to foster education, drive innovation, spur growth, develop countries and lead discovery, TAUS tough it was time for an innovation-focused translation conference in Asia. 

This is no ordinary conference. It is an open forum that wants to inspire a truly and open minded approach to innovation and collaboration and a strategic and future-oriented event for everyone who cares about translation services and technologies in Asian languages.

Translation is a key to a better world
The chosen speakers and the scheduled panels will address the world’s and Asia’s real language communication challenges. You'll be one step closer to understanding how to bridge the language divide for seven billion co-citizens?

This is a mission that – for the first time in history – is ambitious, but no longer impossible, ensures the Translation Automation User Society.

Here are some of the topics you may expect at the TAUS Asia Translation Summit: machine translation and translation optimization, collaborative translation and crowdsourcing, interoperability of translation tools and resources, automated real-time translation, spoken translation (speed technologies), language and translation business innovation, community/voluntary translation, translation memory and language data sharing.
These keywords are all part of TAUS concept of "Translation in the 21st Century", the theme of this event.

The panels are these: State of translation automation in Asia, Web-based (automatic) translation, MT is entering the human-based translation process, Eight Things to Change, Suppliers innovating, Data is core, Global authoring in Asian languages and The case for Dynamic Translation Quality Evaluation.

TAUS has organized Executive Forums in Beijing in 2006 and 2007 in cooperation with CCID. This translation association breaks with a long history of facing the world from the west, of exporting and pushing products to far-away markets. It opens up new perspectives through technology, collaboration on open platforms, and sharing resources.

This time, TAUS brings together buyers and providers of translation services and technologies in Asian languages to discuss “Translation in the 21st Century”.

If you're interested in going to the TAUS Asia Translation Summit, you'll like to know that TAUS has reserved a block of rooms at the hotel where the conference is being held for a special rate of 550 RMB per night. This fee includes a 15% surcharge and daily breakfast buffet. To book your room, please email to

Registration fees for the TAUS Asia Translation Summit are 500 EUR (4.500 CNY) for members of TAUS and 1.000 (9.000 CNY) for non-members. Check out the discounts available on TAUS' website, where you can also register for the conference.

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