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Translators Association News: GALA 2012 Film Fest MonacoThe Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA) presents the second edition of the GALA Film Fest. Don’t expect Tarantino or Tim Burton. This is the real stuff.

The festival is part of the GALA 2012 Business of Language Conference, the event that gathers language professionals from around the world, from linguists to language schools and translators associations. It takes place in Monaco, from the 26th to the 28th March 2012.

All masterpieces that will be broadcast are short videos from around the world showing employees at work (or at play). The point is to give “a fun and entertaining look inside industry companies”. You will also get to know GALA members and conference participants in a new way.

Last year, the event that allows you a totally different perspective on your colleagues and partners was won by TSG Global (now Zinacle). According to the organisation, creativity and a great sense of humour are compulsory ingredients to make it to the top.

Speaking of which, the top submissions will be screened before the general sessions on Tuesday, the 27th, and the equivalents to Academy members in Hollywood (i.e., conference delegates) will choose their favourite. The lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday morning. Second best will be broadcast on GALA’s YouTube channel.

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