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Translation Associations News: TAUS and TAC Asia Translation Summit Beijing 2012TAUS, in co-operation with the Translators Association of China (TAC), is organizing the Asia Translation Summit, a forum about change of direction when it comes to making business and talking business.

On the 24th and 25th April 2012, Beijing will host the meeting that wishes to be more than just another conference. They say the TAUS Asia Translation Summit is an “open forum”. The pursuit for inspiration and open-mindedness is what drives TAUS and TAC.

Organizers say they want to “break with a long history of facing the world from the west, of exporting and pushing products to far-away markets.”

Technology has opened up our eyes, bringing new perspectives, making collaboration as well as sharing resources a lot easier. The organization wishes to “bring together buyers and providers of translation services and technologies in Asian languages to discuss ‘Translation in the 21st Century’”. They put a lot of emphasys on the last bit.

New words and expressions are born every day: ubiquitous computing, content explosion, many-to-many communication. In order to keep up with the changing world, where everyone and everything is connected, there is an urgent need for “easy and fast translation”.

One of the main concerns of the organizers is to sit at the same table seven billion co-citizens with a huge language divide. There has been a boom in the translation industry in Asia, over the past few years. It is thus the right time to take the challenge.

A large audience is expected, from delegates representing enterprises, governments, NGOs and translators associations, to technology and services companies. There will be video broadcasting, and the use of blogs and online forums as means to expand the impact of the Summit.

Some of the key topics to be discussed at the Summit are “Machine translation and translation optimization”, “Collaborative translation and crowdsourcing”, “Spoken translation (speed technologies)” or “Language and translation business innovation”.

The Asia Translation Summit is organized by TAUS, The Translation Automation User Society. This translation association is only six years old and you would never imagine that when you look at what they’ve achieved so far. It has become a leading global think tank for translation and language industry. TAUS has focussed on “innovation, collaboration, sharing and technology”, generating independent thinking and sharing the results with their members. Microsoft, Google, Intel or Oracle are amongst those members.

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