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Lexis gains ground in Brazil

Associações de Tradutores GlobalLexis has had good acceptance in Brazil and rapid penetration in the country. With over 200 million inhabitants, the land of samba and famous writers such as Chico Buarque and Jorge Amado is the largest country in South America - and the fifth largest in the world.

The country is transformed into a giant construction site because of the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games and that has opened the door to foreign companies, including Portuguese. Brazil has said, for more than once, that in the coming years the country will need - must have now - thousands of qualified professionals. That being said, translators and interpreters are crucial to the success of events of this magnitude.

The growth of Lexis's recognition in Brazil Lexis may be related to all these changes. The international community of translators Lexis is increasingly a reference between translators and interpreters and translators from associations.

This is not unrelated to the information that Lexis, through your project news, has been disclosing about translators associations from around the world - whether to disclose events and other initiatives of your translators association, please contact us at editorial@ - and matters that are of interest to all professionals in these fields.

Lexis's success is also related to the presence of this community in social networks: we are present on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many other platforms.

If you are not a member of Lexis, know that to be part of this translators' community you automatically become an official service provider of Moreover, as member of Lexis, one of your privileges is that you have access to Advance Syntax, an exclusively professional search engine that is part of this associated project.

By becoming a Premium member, Lexis and Red Horse - another associated project - offer you a complete and customizable multilingual non-discloser agreement to sign together with your clients.

And there's more: there are several benefits that Lexis and its partners offer members of the community.

Lexis recommends that you choose your mother tongue as your work language when filling out your profile.

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