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Translators Associations Global: TILPIn the first place, the Institute of Localization Professionals (TILP) aims of developing professional practices in localization globally. It was formally on July 30, 2002.

This non-profit organization, whose mission statement is "Inform, Inspire, and Involve", represents localization industry professionals and professionals active in localization related areas, such as software publishers, eContent providers, localization service providers, tools developers or researchers.

TILP aims to provide professional certification; be the reference point at global level for the localization industry and those requiring information about it; promote the industry through a variety or publications and activities; maintain direct and regular contact with localization companies, government departments and agencies, researchers and students, and the media and international consultancy firms.

A part from providing professional certification and establishing a register of professional members, the Institute of Localization Professionals organizes an annual conference and several workshops for localization professionals throughout the year.

TILP is the organizer of the Ask the Expert sessions and the Certified Localization Professional (CLP) program.

It also supports organizations that contribute to the development of the profession and discloses relevant information on its website.

In May 2003, TILP merged with the Professional Association for Localization (PAL) and is now the world's only non-profit industry association based exclusively on individual membership.


TILP membership is for individuals rather than organizations, therefore localization companies are asked to encourage their employees to register with this translation association. There are four grades of membership: Student Member – anybody studying localization or localization-related subjects –, Associate Member – anybody with an interest in localization –, Professional Member – localization professionals – and Fellow member – these are experts in their field that are nominated by TILP and will advise this translation association on issues such as certification.

To register with the TILP as a professional member, you'll need to successfully complete the association's certification program or rely on a good review of your education and industry experience. Membership is for one calendar year and costs 65 EUR for student members, 75 EUR for associate members, 250 EUR for professional member and fellow members.

For professional certification, attendance at various workshops, including Ask The Experts Sessions, and at the LRC annual conference, one needs to pay additional fees.

To know more about the Institute of Localization Professionals or pose any question, use the email

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